We are at your disposal with clocks for different locations, churches, institutions, historical buildings, offices, interior clocks, clocks for gardens (water resistant).

The clocks are offered in a wide range of materials, patterns, colors, resulting in unlimited possibilities for combinations and customization. Aluminum, glass, coper, plexus, gold are just some of the materials used to design the clock dial letters and hands. The illumination of the clocks is made using projectors mounted in the exterior of the clocks, through light sources mounted behind the transparent clock dial or LEDs mounted directly on the clock dial or hands.

The mechanisms of movement are electrical, highly resistant to shocks caused by thunderstorms, strong winds, snow layers or ice that can deposit on the clock hands. Moreover, the clocks require minimum maintenance. By connecting to a hammer mounted on a bell, each hour, quarter and half an hour can be marked with a bell sound.

Synchronizing the tower clocks is made with un automation system mounted on the bell (or bells), with reception through GPS antenna. This way the bell can toll at certain fixed hours.

Through satellites’ connection you get the synchronization with universal time and an absolute precision.
Principal references horologes:

– Horologe from the entrance to Presidential Palace Cotroceni
– Horologe Ortodox Church Chişoda
– Horologe Ortodox Church Giroc
– Horologe Ortodox Church Şugatag village, Maramureş