Blotor Bells is the commercial name for S.C. B&L CONSTRUCT S.R.L. – a Romanian company registered in Romania and is founded under the Romanian regulations, both being in compliance with the customers´ protection laws.

We take all necessary actions so that you, as a user of the site/customer, benefit from best treatment. Our terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

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Under the Law number 677/2001 for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, and completed by the Law number 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, Blotor Bells has the obligation to administer safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data you provide us about you, a family member or another person, and commits itself not to pass personal information aboutthe users of the site to third parties, to use them only for the purpose of contacting their clients, as well as for informing them about aspects related to the functioning of the site, company’s offers and policy; Blotor Bells does not encourage SPAM, does not provide your personal datato third parties (individuals or companies), does not sell, offer, trade e-mail addresses obtained through this site, does not disclose your e-mail address to other people that access the pages of this site, without your explicit consent.

Failure to meet the assumed obligations by parties, and user, isconsideredfrom this moment, which represents the binding moment of the sales contract between the parties.

We gladly answer to any questions you might have regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679/UE at the following e-mail address:

In case you believe does not process your personal data correctly and you wish to file a complaint, send a request right away at

Complaints regarding the processing of personal data can be addressed to The National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing


The site is updated frequently, however, the realizationand delivery of the ordered products will always be confirmed to the client during working hours, under the conditions described above. Blotor Bells makes permanent efforts to preserve the accuracy of the information on this site. Rarely, they may contain punctual inaccuracies: some specifications or pricing may change without prior notice or may contain operating errors.

The images presented on the site are informative, the delivered products can differ in terms of color, appearance, shape, accessory etc. Blotor Bells´ maximum obligations´ value to any customer in the event of the non-delivery or inappropriate delivery of the purchased products is the total amount cashed from that client.Blotor Bells will not be held responsible in case of inconsistency or defective products, their quality or any other aspects regarding these products. Any complaint will be brought to the attention of Blotor Bells in maximum 24 hours after receiving the products, otherwise it is considered that the good is accepted by the client.


Blotor Bells will neither be held responsible nor it guarantees expressly or implicitly, in anyway, for the functioning of the site, information or content of the site, materials or products displayed. We disclaim liability for any situation that may occur due to software errors or technical failures that occur to the server.

Blotor Bells does not take liability for hit/scratched/damaged products during shipment, does not reimburse and does not change such products if they were not reported to the courier when receiving the goods.


Blotor Bells grants the user limited access for personal interest on this site and does not grant the right to partially or fully download/modify/reproduce/copy the site or to exploit the site in any other way, for commercial purposes or against interests without its written consent.

Any attempt to access the personal data of clients/partners/suppliers, to modify the content of the website or to affect the performances of the server on which the website runs, will be considered an attempted system fraud and will cause us to request the initiation of acriminal investigation against the one or those who have attempted to do so.


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The website contains several links to other websites. These links are offered for the user’s assistance. These links are independent of the www.clopoteblotor.rowebsite. The information presented by these links does not necessarily represent Blotor Bells´ point of view.

Blotor Bells declines responsibility/ liability for the content of such websites and will not be held responsible for any damage of any kind suffered by the users of these websites. It is up to you if you visit these websites or not or take into account the information found there. Web and mailing services are developed by specialized partner companies and it can’t be responsible for any informatics inconvenience such as viruses present on the site or in mail, software malfunctions, hackings, etc.  


Any conflict between Blotter Bells and customers is attempted to be amicably,settled by agreement between the two parties. If this is not possible, the Romanian legal provisions in this area will apply and the solving of conflicts is in the jurisdiction of the Romanian courts. Blotor Bells will not be held responsible in case of force majeure. However,Blotor Bells will make all reasonable commercial efforts to minimize the unpleasantness caused by such incidents.


If any of the clauses above will be found null or invalid, no matter the cause, this clause will not affect the availability of the other clauses.

Blotor Bells reserves the right to make any modification of these provisions, as well as any modifications of the website, of its structure or any other modifications that could affect the website, without any prior notice to users in this regard.