BLOTOR BELLS is at your disposal by restoring of bells, automation and clock towers, made by our trained specialists in the field.

For the good functioning of bells, of the automation system, of tower clocks, their restoration is needed, because the passage of the years, the weariness, the misuse, as well as other factors, frequently lead to total or partial deterioration of these goods.

Most often the cult objects that are the subject of reconditioning are bells, so we presentcertain situations in which the bell can deteriorate and crack:

  • Bells’ clapper is caught by a piece of leather which in time weakens – so its strike point modifies (more precisely, it lowers). This leads to moving the strike point. Bells’ resistance lowers and this thing inevitably leads to cracking. Also, the bell loses tonality.
  • The clapper’s ball must have a perfectly sphered surface so that the point of contact is optimal. In case of excessive wearing it loses its shape (becomes more flat), cracking appear.
  • In time the bell must be turned (after several years of use) – due to the fact that wearing appears in the strike points.
  • The swing is not equaled correctly; in this case the bell is wrongly used. Among the bells’ accessories, the yoke (swing) and the gauge of the bell a harmony must exist (a balance) that allows an optimal usage through time. Otherwise, the same risk of bell cracking exists.