An old bell (as a construction or as the material used) will be improved using new, unburnt material. What we add is always without impurities (as you can also see and find out from our pages regarding the fabrication of the bells).


Upon delivery of the bell you get a certificate which certifies the quality of the material (the bronze of the bell) but also a 20 years’ warranty certificate.

For the building of a quality bell with a pleasant and harmonious sound, an important factor consists of the purity of the alloy.
No matter how old the bell is, it can be recast if a sample is taken for a SPECTRAL ANALYSIS of the material.

What a bell MUST NOT contain:

It is important that the bell does not contain any of these metals:
ZINC/LEAD/ALUMINUM. The reason is simple: they affect in a negative way the quality of the casting.
Zinc, in combination with tin (the one that gives the bell the sound and has to be in a proportion of 22%), goes into reaction and the material boils – resulting in a porous bell that has no sound and no mechanical resistance.
The lead does not allow the bell to vibrate – in other words, it silences it.
Without these, the bell can be recast even if adding of tin is necessary up to a 22% concentration.

For details on recasting and welding heritage bells, access the dedicated sections of our site.