Quality and reliability

The Blotor Foundry´s bells perfectly reproduce the ranges and notes required by customers!

We inovate and improve

We believe that only through study and experience can we progress, the same thing applies to bells!

The sound of the bells

We create harmony through the musical notes of the Blotor Foundry Bells!

"Bells on musical notes"

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Because we want you to be sure about the choices made, we created a blog with articles on the building of the bells!

05 Dec

Maxineni Monastery founded by lord Matei Basarab of Wallachia, was built in the first half of the XVIIth century, with titular saint “The Birth...

04 Oct

Blotor Bells participate in 4-5-6 October 2018 at Expo Transilvania Cluj-Napoca, Foundry of Bells Blotor stand, with many offers and quality...

24 Jul

“God please sanctify these bells by sprinkling holy water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen” – His High Holiness Father Nuan,...

16 May

Sunday May 13, 2018, the sanctification service was officiated by HisHoliness Father Bishop Iustin, together with Parish Priest Ioan Octavian Andreica, Arhim....

12 Apr

His Beatitude Father Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, was present on Wednesday at the memory service of Saint Calinic from Cernica. Therewith...

29 Jan

The bells for the Cernica Monastery were casted – they will be heard at the monastery this spring along with the celebration of Saint Hierarch...

10 Jan

We are often asked by our clients what significance the bells have. First we give them the biblical answer and only afterwards we tell them what could these...

27 Nov

Bells are both musical and mythical instruments, being also called “The voice of God that calls people to church”, states Radu Blotor, the owner of a...

Automation solutions

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We offer professional bell automation and programming solutions, developed by the «CLOCK-O-MATIC» company in Belgium.

Work portfolio

Bells and automation solutions offered by Blotor Bell Foundry (Romania)
Blotor Bell Foundry designs and manufactures bells starting from 200 grams to 35 tons, with any kind of ornamentation and iconography. Our offer also includes: solid oak yokes, boiled in oil, bronze bell clappers with the highest safety quality, carillons, tower clocks, automation systems (motors, single phase motors, linear motors) and programming. Our bells can be connected to the interior/exterior lightning of the church and to the central heating system. All of the previous can be operated manually or remote, from any kind of mobile device (including smartphones). The systems are connected to an atomic clock near Frankfurt and have the smallest deviation (1 second in 1 million years).

Bronze bells of superior quality – learn more about our products and customers by accessing the side menu. You will learn about the alloy we use for the bells manufacture, the production process, customization and their special sound.