Maxineni Monastery founded by lord Matei Basarab of Wallachia, was built in the first half of the XVIIth century, with titular saint “The Birth of Saint John the Baptist”, being risen on an older church’s place.

Over the course of history, several lords have supported the monastery, especially mentioning Mihnea III Radu, Grigorie Ghica, Gheorghe Duca, Serban Cantacuzino, Saint Constantin Brancoveanu and Stefan Cantacuzino, as well as Phanariot Lords of Wallachia of the XVIIIth century:Nicolae Alexandru Mavrocordat, Ioan Mavrocordat, Mihail Racovita, Grigorie II Ghica and Constantin Nicolae Mavrocordat.

Due to the times the monastery was abandoned, and after the two World Wars, the monastery suffered a lot, becoming ruins. It was reborn in 1990, at the initiative of I.P.S. Casian of Low Danube, today entirely rebuilt.

The sanctification of the voivodal halidom was doneonSeptember 25th 2018 by His Beatitude Daniel the Patriarch of Romanian Orthodox Church.
Blotor Bells contributed to the completion of Maxineni Monastery with a set of bells respectively: 336 kgSi note; 168 kgRe#note and 100 kg Fa#note, equipped with aprogrammed automation system and external hammers, thus achieving a perfect harmony both acoustically and visually, being integrated in the landscape of the monastery.

Blotor Bells will make the voice of our ancestors that have sacrificed for our Christian people heard, for the right faith and the proliferation of national values.

We bow with respect and say to our ancestors, to lord Matei Basarab: “Your Grace, we did our duty”.